The Lean Methods Group (Lean Methods) is a global management consulting firm specializing in the application of highly collaborative and methodical approaches to business performance improvement. With deep roots in traditional Lean and Six Sigma, the people and approaches of the Lean Methods Group have evolved over the course of 17 years. In addition to focusing on process improvement, the Lean Methods Group also offers a thriving strategy and innovation practice. While most clients initially engage us for specific needs, our holistic operational strategy model puts it all in context.

Market leaders don't simply implement the best practices of others; they are the companies that develop the new best practices that others aspire to.Wes Waldo, Lean Methods President

Lean Methods Group clients span nearly every industry. While our team boasts vast experience, our philosophy dictates that we not lay claim to any particular industry specialization. Instead, our approach is to bring highly structured and collaborative methods that combine with your team’s industry-specific knowledge and experience to produce truly remarkable results. Said differently, we are not merely in the business of implementing so-called “best practices” drawn from other companies in your industry. Instead, we help you develop new best practices that deliver unique competitive advantage. Each member of our team also offers the added perspective of having worked across many industries, knowing full well that the solution to any given problem may (and often does) already exist elsewhere. This cross-industry experience and capability allows us to look to a much broader universe of solutions to quickly find the very best for your situation.

Included among our diverse clients are both high tech and industrial manufacturers, hospital systems, insurance companies, a rental car company, the Federal Reserve Banks of New York, Boston and Chicago, a large digital marketing firm, one of the largest hotel chains in the world, the world’s largest coal miner, the world’s largest logistics real estate firm, and many others.

The methodical nature of everything we do is critical to achieving true collaboration. Without methodologies, your people cannot quickly learn to work side-by-side with ours, they cannot learn new skills in the process and, most importantly, improvements are much less likely to be sustained after we are gone. By participating in the development of improvements, ideas and strategy, the acceptance of change becomes inherent in the process because the solution belongs to your people, not ours.

All methodologies employed by the Lean Methods Group are selected and honed for speed. In many respects, they are all lean methodologies, which is where we derive our name. Among these methodologies are:

All methodologies, except Rapid Replication, are designed to deliver solutions to specific needs. Rapid Replication is the methodology that allows us to develop a solution in one part of the business and then quickly implement it in other similar parts.