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The Lean Methods Group (Lean Methods) was formed in late 2016, however its roots run long and deep. Joined by dozens of his former colleagues from Breakthrough Management Group, David Silverstein founded the Lean Methods Group to be a leaner (but not meaner) and more focused firm.

The Lean Methods Group’s business model is simple: We apply Lean methodologies to all aspects of our client's business, from strategy to innovation to operations.

There are three basic principles to everything we do:


Collaboration isn't just a buzz word and it doesn't simply mean working together in teams. At the Lean Methods Group, we study the science of collaboration because our entire approach to improving your business is based on our ability to engage YOUR team in driving results.


We apply highly structured, methodical approaches to all aspects of your business, including strategy, strategic planning, innovation, process improvement and daily management. The application of highly structured approaches is the only way to ensure your people can quickly learn to use the same tools and methods as ours…and that is the key to ensuring we truly work together.

Results Driven

At the end of the day, it's all about results. Everything we do is with a VALUE-based result in mind. That's why we're not big fans of training merely for the sake of training, or for that matter, any engagement that doesn't have a clear objective in mind. Business, even the non-profit kind, should always have clearly measurable goals.

We believe that your strategy is your own. It can't be manufactured in a conference room or outsourced to a consultant. You're going to own the results so you ought to own the creation of your strategy. And only you can execute it. Our job is to help by providing you with a methodical framework and world-class education, training and facilitation. If you need it, we'll also provide the project leadership to ensure things keep moving and stay on track, but the project team will always be made up of your people.

When it comes to innovation and process improvement, the same rules apply. We'll provide the methodology, the training and facilitation and when necessary we will also drive the projects. Just know that the team we work with will be comprised of your people, not ours. We use a small number of highly experienced consultants, not armies of young MBAs.

The Lean Methods Group operates in more than a dozen countries. Our offices around the world deliver a comprehensive portfolio of services in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Chinese, Turkish and Russian. With a deep commitment to working side-by-side with our clients to solve tough problems and achieve big outcomes, our experienced professionals thrive on teaching, coaching and succeeding together.


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