John Gaul

John Gaul with wife, Cindy
With BMGI since 2003
United States

For John Gaul, personal hobbies and talents have an uncanny way of integrating into his professional life, with fantastic results. This engaging teacher uses his love of story-telling and song—he’s an accomplished singer and guitarist—to capture the attention of students during the workday and to entertain the community during off hours. “I tell a moving story and sing a related song to bring an important life message to my students,” he says.

This ability to connect with his students is one of his greatest strengths, John says. He’s trained and mentored more than 1,200 Green Belts and Black Belts in his 11-plus years at BMGI, specializing in explaining complex topics and making them relevant with examples from his students’ world.

“My passion comes through in my teaching, and I have a lot of fun,” he says. “The students resonate with that, and I believe it makes the experience with a very tough curriculum a whole lot more pleasant. They see that I’m genuine, and I believe they trust me. Once, when I was coaching a Black Belt, she said, ‘All I need to see is you nodding your head, and I feel so much better!’”

Problems I'd Love to Solve: 
The way people walk—or rather don’t walk—in airports.
Companies that have workers sit in too many worthless meetings.

His connection with students extends to the written word, as well. John has authored more than a dozen eLearning and classroom modules, as well as contributing a chapter to The Innovator’s Toolkit.

With his ease in establishing relationships, it’s only natural that John’s success also carries over into the realm of consulting. “It’s very common that once BMGI assigns me to a client, they want me back,” he says. “I take this as a huge compliment, since there are so many different corporate cultures, and they can be hard to please. And unlike many professions, we hand out an evaluation scorecard every Friday! This constant feedback loop is always helpful, and almost always a positive affirmation.

This continuous challenge and positive feedback energizes John, spilling over at home. He proudly raised three successful sons, all of who landed in various engineering fields. “I always told my boys, ‘I don’t care what you do in life, just do something you’re passionate about and you’ll be successful and happy.’”

It’s advice their dad took to heart, and he married in August of 2013. Cindy has two children of her own, so the duo have a total of five kids and three grandchildren. “They are a great joy in our lives,” he says. John and Cindy also love the outdoors, celebrating on their honeymoon with a hike near the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps.

Passion is an ongoing theme with John, and it’s one of his favorite words. “I’m passionate about my work at BMGI, and clients see that,” he says. “I am passionate about my hobbies, too. And I put a lot of effort into my relationships with my wife and family.”

It’s a passion from which both BMGI and our clients clearly benefit.

My Words of Wisdom: 
Live in the now. Wherever you are is where you should be, and you should make the very best of it, not fretting about the past nor worrying about the future.
Professional Highlights: 

With more than 30 years in quality, engineering and consulting, John Gaul has taught more than 1,200 practitioners in the telecom, healthcare, insurance, utility, mining, oil and gas, financial services, consumer products and manufacturing sectors. A certified Master Black Belt and Lean Master, as well as an ASQ-certified quality engineer and certified Change Pro facilitator, John is also an author and curriculum developer. He received his Bachelor’s of Science in Applied Science and Civil Engineering Technology from Ohio’s Youngstown State University.