Pierre du Toit

Pierre du Toit
With BMGI since 2010
South Africa

“Today, you have taught an old dog a new trick,” said a senior manager recently to Pierre Du Toit. With more than 25 years in process improvement and change management, teaching new tricks is just one of this versatile problem solver’s strengths.

An accomplished facilitator and coach, Pierre spends much of his time on-site at client organizations leading SCORE events. SCORE (Select, Clarify, Organize, Run, Evaluate) is BMGI’s methodology to help organizations run successful Kaizen events.

That project that elicited the compliment happened at a banking organization. During the SCORE event, Pierre made the process more real by putting it all on the table—literally. “We screen dumped each of the 28 steps and laid out the documents on a table,” he says, “as a way to engage people more, making the process more visual and so easy to touch and review.”

Continuously refreshing his skills and tools to enhance team learning and engage learners, Pierre has recently been experimenting more with experiential learning. In a segment on voice of the customer, he pre-arranged visits with five diverse businesses nearby. Following an overview of the concept, teams of students prepared and visited the business managers to find out what’s important about their customers. The students returned and spent time applying what they had learned to start asking questions about their own departments.

Born in South Africa, Pierre also lived and worked in the United Kingdom for 12 years. He now resides in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, but engages with clients all over the country. To say he is a frequent traveler puts it mildly. He travels almost every week, completing at least 100 flights within a year. What does he like about traveling? “The break at the end of the year,” he says with a laugh. But, he points out, he could alternatively be sitting in an office from 9 to 5. “I’m very fortunate,” he says. “I’m happy with BMGI and with that aspect of the work—the variety and the people we deal with.”

On the weekends, Pierre and his wife are dedicated sports fans. They watch his 10-year-old son play cricket, rugby and soccer. Pierre often practices sports with his son, which he says keeps his blood flowing.

Whether at work or at home, Pierre lives by the principle: “If you don’t go and feel and touch and see, how do you understand? If ever you want to understand something, try and change it.”

Professional Highlights: 

Pierre du Toit is a hands-on and resourceful improvement facilitator with a unique blend of Lean, management development and operational experience gained over the past 27 years across several industry sectors. Pierre holds a Higher National Diploma in operations management and a post-graduate certificate in business administration from Leicester University. He trained in continuous improvement at Isuzu, Japan, and is accredited for Lean by the Automotive Academy in the UK.