Renee Snell

Renee Snell at Yosemite
With BMGI since 2003
United States

Renee is a favorite for so many of BMGI’s eLearning clients because of her complete dedication and love for what she does. In her words: “eLearning gives me many chances to help my students—every phone call, every email, every interaction is an opportunity to solve a problem.”

Renee says that the greatest feeling for her is when a client learns something he or she didn’t know before. And in the process, Renee usually learns something too—about how to teach, about the client’s business, about life in general.

One reason Renee naturally goes the extra mile for her students is because she’s not always been given the benefit of the doubt herself. “People have sometimes unfairly judged me by my Iranian nationality,” she says, “especially when I was a child during the hostage crisis of 1979 and even more so after 9/11.”

Problems I'd Love to Solve: 
People who talk but never ever do
Meetings that are too long
People who block the aisles of the grocery store with their carts

Renee won’t ever forget that some hostages during the 1979 crisis were parents of kids at her high school. With tensions high, Renee learned to field difficult questions and deal with prejudice under emotional circumstances—all of which, she says, has made her “comfortable in my own skin.”

Renee says her best accomplishment is the honor of raising her two daughters. “It’s been my hardest and most rewarding job, and just a wild ride. I look at them and wonder how I got so lucky. What else can I do to encourage them to become successful women? Why is the time going by so fast?”

When Renee isn’t teaching, or spending time with family, she’s watching sports—mostly football. She likes the University of Tennessee, Virginia Tech and just about any Boston sports franchise. Otherwise, she loves to cook, sew, “HDTV my house” and spend time outdoors walking, jogging or hiking.  

“I like to sing,” she adds, “but I’m not sure how others feel about that.”

My Words of Wisdom: 
Lead with your heart, and if it's really important, be ready to fight.
Have a bank account for all your specific dreams. Fund your accounts a little at a time and you'll be surprised what happens.
Make a "hit by a bus" book so, if anything happens, your spouse and family can get by without you.
Professional Highlights: 

Renee is a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with more than 23 years of experience in developing and teaching continuous improvement techniques. In addition, she has extensive experience with Japanese manufacturing methods and tools, including Lean and TPM. Renee completed a master’s degree in statistics and post-graduate work in management science/statistics at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She also earned a bachelor's degree in liberal arts and sciences from Virginia Tech.