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Rapid, or Lean, innovation, is used for many purposes. Whether conceiving a new business model, designing new products and services or looking for innovative approaches to propel manufacturing processes to the next level, the Lean Methods Group's Rapid Innovation Events (RIEs) are designed to accelerate the process of opportunity exploration and ideation. Lean Startup principles are often applied on the backend to bring new ideas to life.

The key to rapid innovation is the structured D4 methodology detailed in the Book The Innovator's Toolkit. Leveraging little-known scientific techniques dating back to the late 1940s and a great deal of subsequent research, the D4 methodology was developed to move clients beyond the need to rely on a few special individuals for new ideas. Armed with a methodical approach, collaborative teams can reliability innovate at any level of the business.

The Lean Methods Group offers a broad range of tools and techniques depending on the situation at hand. Biomimicry is used to answer how nature would solve the problem at hand, while ethnographic studies can be conducted to quietly observe and study how customers use our products. Customer Experience Design often follows ideation to ensure products and services are truly aligned with customer wants and needs.

The Lean Methods Group also leads its clients through the process of establishing innovation programs with emphasis on culture and portfolio management. Finally, we have a special practice area that provides a robust approach to what we call, "Bulletproof Patents". After all, it's not always worth the effort to develop new things if you can't adequately protect the intellectual property that goes with it.


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Organizations that succeed approach innovation holistically, with strategic objectives and organizational growth in mind. Through systematic innovation, we bring you closer to your customers so you can achieve greater competitive advantage.

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Inspire and Ignite Your Innovation Talent

When your people are inspired and in sync with your strategy and your customers, you increase the collective IQ of your organization. We work with you to build highly collaborative teams that maximize innovation potential and build innovation capability organization-wide.

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To sustain innovation, you have to build the business systems to support it. We guide organizations through creating an innovation infrastructure that links to your strategy and houses all the parts and pieces that make innovation thrive.

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"We wanted a knowledge partner to help us build our innovation programmes at Reliance. We considered global universities, consultancies and other knowledge service providers and we picked Lean Methods Group because of their holistic approach to innovation. They have the people, processes and methods to help Reliance continue to grow as one of the most innovative companies in the world.”
Dr. Makarand Phadke, Senior Vice President, Innovation, Reliance Industries Ltd.

"Innovation is the missing launch pad that can catapult an organization from what it does today to what it should do in the future in order to create value for customers.”
Chris Freeborg, Innovation Director, TAMKO Building Products

"Your approach was data-driven, credible and highly effective. It focused each of us on the truly important, not the seemingly important.”
David E. Marquez, Executive Director, Bexar County Economic Development

"It’s an excellent approach that helped us discover hidden issues that were preventing the systematic improvement of our processes.”
Gregory Hansrote, Vice President, Covington Operations, MeadWestvaco


Success Stories


Reinventing the manufacturing process to inject new life into a paper mill and its town


Identifying breakthrough ideas through abstract thinking and team collaboration

Financial Services

Breaking contradictions to reach superior solutions at a money transfer company



Revamping service delivery for an appliance maintenance program


Reimagining service based on the policyholders’ experience


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“We live in an era where the rate of change of obsolescence is increasing. To address these changes, organizations must find new forms of differentiation and earn their place in the market every day by becoming more agile, more innovative and more adaptable."
Dr. Phil SamuelChief Innovation Officer, Lean Methods Group

Meet the Innovation Team


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