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Processes don’t innovate, people do. Inspired people are the biggest asset for any company’s innovation efforts. Many companies depend on their lone geniuses to come up with the next breakthrough idea. But that's not scalable, repeatable or predictable.

How can we take advantage of the diversity of talent within the organization to accelerate the common goal of innovation? How do you raise your organization’s collective innovation quotient? 

We work with our clients on the well-founded premise that all people are creative. But people differ in terms of their style, knowledge and skills. By embracing these differences, we are able to raise the collective innovation quotient of your organization. We help individuals understand themselves better and teams collaborate more efficiently and effectively so the real work of innovation can happen, moving the organization towards better alignment between innovation and strategy. 

To help ignite your innovation talent, we combine the latest in collaboration techniques, research from psychology and neuroscience and our vast experience working with teams. As the researchers of research, we help make it practical and applicable to your organization. 

We also map your organization’s innovation DNA and build on it to enable success. Innovation in some companies, like Apple and Intuit, is driven by a visionary leader, while companies like Google and 3M drive innovation through a marketplace of ideas. Others, like GE and Samsung, drive innovation through systematic approaches, and still others, like Vodafone and Verizon Wireless, depend on external partners. By understanding your organization’s innovation DNA, we can accelerate its effectiveness. We also leverage your existing organizational structure, such as hierarchy versus holacracy, to enable the efficacy of your innovation efforts.

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We help people better understand themselves to maximize innovation potential. What drives them? What are they passionate about? What are their values and beliefs? What knowledge and skills do they have or need to accumulate to increase their success with innovation? Through awareness of creative problem solving styles, coaching for improved performance, and education on skills and knowledge, we help team members better understand the wiring of their brains and their potential.

Teams & Collaboration

The success of innovation is heavily dependent on the combined wisdom of highly diversified teams. We help you pull together and inspire teams of all types of creative thinkers that share agreed-upon goals and ways of working, and are prepared to overcome group think and any psychological inertia. We do this through group education, hands-on practice and real project execution, leading to breakthrough results achieved with speed and agility.


We first map the DNA of your organization to establish the current-state climate and culture. Then, we work with your teams to set goals, develop a vision for the future, establish a sense of urgency, and enlist a guiding coalition to lead the innovation effort. At an organizational level, we also work to ensure that innovation and project-level objectives are aligned with the organization’s strategy.




  • Individual Assessments (KAI and DiSC)
  • Change Leadership Workshop
  • Coaching and Feedback
  • Sociomapping Workshop
  • Facilitation Workshop
  • Change Readiness Assessment

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