Daily Management

Daily Management

Daily Management is about ensuring that whatever plan we have implemented is both effective and sustainable. From process and people to time and projects, what needs to happen each day to ensure those guiding principles created during your strategy development come into plan?

These daily decisions are based on data and experience, combining the simplicity and power of KPIs with the knowledge of your workforce. Through standard work and process improvement management, your daily managers will actually be making strategy happen. Through basic problem solving methods, such as kaizen events, they will involve their whole teams in improving the way everyone operates every day.

Daily Management also includes taking corrective action when something isn’t working. Sometimes it means forcing a problem back up the chain because some evidence is telling us that something about our strategy doesn’t make sense. Perhaps an assumption was wrong, or a market condition has changed. Daily managers are our eyes and ears…on a daily basis.

Essentially, Daily Management is where the rubber hits the road. It’s where you actually live out the day-to-day reality of your strategic plan, always trying to stick to your bigger picture plan, while making minor course corrections along the way.


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