Lean Agile

Lean Agile

The Agile Movement began as an effort to find alternatives to traditional software development (most often considered to be the waterfall approach). Agile itself was never considered a methodology, but rather a goal. The most important methodology (or framework) that evolved in pursuit of more agile software development is Scrum, a highly collaborative and iterative approach to breaking things down into to smaller, parallel elements of development as opposed to the traditionally serial nature of waterfall techniques.

The term Lean Agile represents the convergence of Lean principles and Agile principles (that's right, neither is truly a methodology, though they are often referred to as such, including by we at the Lean Methods Group). It was the concept of the Lean Startup that really drove this convergence. Lean Startup, as initially touted by Eric Ries in his book of the same name, was initially centered on software technology startups. While using the word and principles of Lean in a broad context emphasizing low budget rapid learning, the prevention or elimination of wasted time, money, labor and more generally, effort of all kinds, Lean Startup also embraced Agile principles of software development. To many, Agile is a subset of Lean principles which led the evolution of the Lean Agile.


What is Lean?

What Is Lean?

An improvement philosophy that empowers employees, Lean focuses on providing exactly what the customer wants, with the least amount of waste.

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Is Lean Agile Right For You?

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