Lean Analytics

Lean Analytics

Current research shows that many companies are discovering a new gap when it comes to data analytics. Yes, there is still a resource gap in the human capital able to analyze the mounds of data within a company. However, the new gap is in reaching the predicted value in analyzing that data.

Organizations invested money into the storage of data and the infrastructure required. Next was the investment into the human capital to analyze that data and gather insight and establish a data-driven culture. Unfortunately, many companies are still finding it difficult to recruit and retain human capital, and many more are finding it difficult to derive insights from the data and deliver value to the business.

The Lean Methods Group offers the opportunity for businesses to up-skill employees with a proven track record rather than assume the risk of hiring from the outside. The DataMaster program is designed to rapidly develop the data analysis skills you need and quickly make the most of your data.


Data Analytics: Are You Missing the Boat?

Data Analytics: Are You Missing the Boat?

You don't need years of training. There are a few widely used methods that can be learned in just a few days.

How to Find a Top Data Analyst. Psst…Look Inside

How To Find A Top Data Analyst

Building a team of data analysts is a top priority for many organizations. Find the right fit by developing from the inside.

DataMaster: Data Analytics Skills for Today’s Business

DataMaster: Data Anaytics for Business

Are you interested in building your data analytics capability? Then DataMaster is for you.


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