Lean Startup

Lean Startup

Lean Startup is among the newest of Lean methods. The principles were developed by Professor Steve Blank at Cal Berkeley's Hass School of Business and were popularized in Eric Ries's 2011 best seller The Lean Startup. Originally conceived as an approach to creating new businesses, today Lean Startup principles are applied across all types of businesses and government organizations, large and small.

Oddly, but beneficially, the very notion of Lean makes the Lean Startup more compatible with the portfolio mindset of large organizations than the "swing for the fences" approach to massive investment that has come to characterize venture capital.

Truly lean startups engage in low cost, accelerated learning to define and validate assumptions, enabling quick "pivots" along the way. The very notion of the Lean Startup is to accept that nearly all assumptions are wrong, but that many are good enough to propel us in a direction that enables us to learn quickly. It is very much a Darwinian approach that says that those who adapt best will ultimately win out.

At the Lean Methods Group, we apply the principles of Lean Startup to strategy, innovation and process improvement efforts using our proprietary online Business Model Accelerator*.

*Available only to Lean Methods Group clients.


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