Rapid Replication

Rapid Replication

Many organizations use the same or similar processes across many locations. When improvements are made in one location, the desire to share them with others is always top-of-mind. Yet, we've all experienced that "not invented here" obstacle to sharing best practices across a company because, after all, who gets to decide which practices are best?

Of course we'd like to believe that the answer lies in the data, and often it does. But when things are similar, yet not the same, that's easier said than done. For example, two hospitals in a system might both operate emergency rooms, yet one is laid out in a hub-and-spoke fashion while the other has a long corridor of hospital beds. One might have 20 beds and another only 12. Are they the same? Do the same processes apply?

In these situations, the Lean Methods Group invokes its Rapid Replication methodology which is designed to enable other locations to proceed through the improvement at an accelerated pace without simply imposing change on site. Leveraging the learning from the initial location, skilled facilitators take subsequent sites through the process of improvement in one-fourth to one-half the time of the original effort. This ensures acceptance and ownership of the solution, allows it to be tailored to the new site and provides the opportunity to discover even better ideas that might be fed back to the originating location. Rapid Replication also encourages more collaboration between sites.


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