Innovation Articles

80% of innovation efforts are unsuccessful. Learn how you can flip those numbers and see an 80% SUCCESS RATE with innovation.
Innovation is a top priority for many leaders - but how successful are they?
Data boat
You don't need years of training. There are a few widely used methods that can be learned in just a few days.
What Is the Job-To-Be-Done?
The Job-To-Be-Done is a valuable framework for identifying new opportunities and creating viable growth strategies.
Don't miss the mark with improving the customer experience
Explore this five-step process to developing deep customer insights and improving the customer experience.
Building a team of data analysts is a top priority for many organizations. Find the right fit by developing from the inside.
Innovation myths stunt performance
There are many misunderstandings about innovation and not even the experts agree on which myths to debunk. But here are 7 common ones.
Separation Principles help resolve physical contradictions
Separation principles help when some physical contradiction stands between you and an innovation.
Are you interested in building your data analytics capability? Then DataMaster is for you.
Using a decision tree and shared language to understand an opportunity and what project to run
A simple decision tree and the consistent use of language can drive the required shared understanding of a strategic initiative.
A coach keeps you motivated to reach your full potential
Everyone needs a coach at some point to cheer them on and reach their full potential.
Mining the Business Model for Innovation Opportunities
To create long-lasting competitive advantage, look across your business model for innovation opportunities.
Creative Lightbulb
All people can be creative—in their own way. See for yourself in these examples based on the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Theory.
Explore the structured approach of Rapid Innovation Cycles to bring a repeatable process—and higher success rate—to innovation.
Bright idea light bulb
Try these seven simple, effective innovation tools in your next improvement project.
Hail a Taxi in the city
See how start-ups have applied process innovation to provide a better solution for both the passenger and the driver.
Cogs/wheels coming together
Innovation is the key competency—the most important skill set—of strategically driven enterprises.
Roads intertwined causing confusion
The published evidence is overwhelming: Innovation is a key driver both for growth and for the continued adaptation of businesses.
Light a match domino effect
While growth is the No. 1 priority for most CEOs, roughly 90 percent of companies fail in sustaining growth over the long-term.
High speed bullet train in tunnel bridge
We are convinced: Your company is missing an opportunity if ethnography is not among your methodologies to gather insight.
Thought process illustration
When we play, we create fresh and new meanings expressing our creativity and the diversity of our problem solving styles.
teamwork lightbulb illustration
The key to tapping into this creativity is understanding that our approaches to creativity differ in terms of level and style.
balancing act with rocks
While perfecting a current process is sometimes necessary, at other times it’s more important to explore innovative opportunities.
People lined up with questions
While customers have a key place in formulating our innovation strategy, many VOC gathering processes are flawed or misdirected.
4 Classes of Problem Solving
Every improvement or innovation is the result of solving some important problem.