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Data boat
You don't need years of training. There are a few widely used methods that can be learned in just a few days.
Don't miss the mark with improving the customer experience
Explore this five-step process to developing deep customer insights and improving the customer experience.
Building a team of data analysts is a top priority for many organizations. Find the right fit by developing from the inside.
Are you interested in building your data analytics capability? Then DataMaster is for you.
Recommend books for inspiring great leadership in 2016
Read these books recommended by Lean Methods Group CEO David Silverstein to inspire great leadership in 2016.
Getting better at strategy involves knowledge, insights and intuition
A strategic thinker learns how to plan for what is possible and to be prepared to react to the improbable.
Mining the Business Model for Innovation Opportunities
To create long-lasting competitive advantage, look across your business model for innovation opportunities.
One misconception of Hoshin is that it creates a lot of paperwork
Don't let these three misconceptions stand in your way of exploring an effective method for your strategic planning and execution.
Bob Norris
No matter your business, listening to the customer is essential for success. Find out how to listen better and grow your business.
Library book choices
Start the new year out right by making a plan to read more. Here are some recommended reads to get you started.
Bob Norris
Business leaders at any level agree: Managing change is critical for success in any improvement or transformation effort.
Overwhelming questions cause confusion
Success is typically elusive when all elements of strategy are not considered in the mix.
chess board
To develop a sound business strategy, we must place equal emphasis on the creation and execution of strategy.
Cogs/wheels coming together
Innovation is the key competency—the most important skill set—of strategically driven enterprises.
7 Steps of Hoshin Planning
Discover a systematic method of strategic planning and managing progress toward achieving your strategic goals.
Rocky turbulant white water
The value in a plan is not the plan itself—it’s the planning that went into it. Good planning means we are ready…for anything.
Questions on paper
Companies often pick and choose only the parts they want to use, developing metrics with no plan to make them actionable.
Bullseye hit the target
Operational Excellence plays a role in ensuring your strategic plan is being executed by the entire organization.
Birdseye view from the mountaintop with telescope
How many times have we heard it? “We had a good strategy, but we didn’t manage the change very well.”