Case Studies

A laminates company was experiencing a large increase in epoxy spots left on the finished product after the manufacturing process—so it turned to Six Sigma. After standardizing their processes, the company achieved better quality and saved $320,000.
Discovery Health
The largest health insurance company in South Africa wanted to ensure it could sustain its growth path and high level of customer service. With Six Sigma, they were able to formalize their approach to problem solving and equip management at all levels.
Sasol Mining
After implementing Operational Excellence to maintain improvement initiatives, leaders at Sasol Mining created “Review and Enablement”. The program has been instrumental in achieving the cultural shift needed to make improvement a way of everyday life.
Siemens Industry pioneered the integration of Lean tools and techniques into its Six Sigma heritage, using eLearning to develop their employees and ensure that they also implemented real workplace projects that produced tangible financial results.
TNT Express
TNT Express organized an improvement team to focus on fast and consistent delivery of shipments at one of the company’s major airport hubs. By applying innovation tools within a Lean Six Sigma project, TNT was able to reduce average lead times by 50%.
BayCare Health
St. Anthony's Hospital needed to minimize the time its patients were on ventilators. After running ANOVA and regression analyses, they were able to establish clear protocols and procedures which reduced ventilator days by 38% and saved $650,000 per year.
One of the largest and most successful Turkish companies found its Lean Six Sigma program stagnant. With a commitment to custom online and classroom learning, Borusan was able to reduce costs, increase student retention, and improve student satisfaction.
Charleston Area Medical Center
After forming an improvement team, Charleston Area Medical Center used a rapid-improvement approach to streamline paperwork, shorten registration time and dramatically reduce (by 70%) the lead time for getting emergency patients treated.
Graphic Packaging
Graphic Packaging decided to deploy Lean techniques throughout its organization to improve operations. After reeling in €175,000 in annual, hard savings from just three Lean projects at their plant in England, they expanded to Spain and France.
The Private Banking division of a major financial institution was experiencing a 40% error rate in its mortgage-related contract closures and processing. Using root cause analysis, the company was able to reduce its payroll by 97 FTEs, saving $18 million.