Innovation Webinars & Videos

How to Turn Customer Insights Into Actions and Results In this webinar, Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Phil Samuel and Data Analytics Program Manager Shannon Murphy outline the best practices to discover, develop, design and deliver what your customer expects and your strategy demands.
Power BI and Excel If a picture’s worth a thousand words, what’s a data visualization worth? Zettabytes. Learn how to tell your data story easily with the perfect pair—Power BI and Excel. During this 30-minute webinar, we’ll dive into the visualization tool used in DataMaster program—Microsoft Power BI. The webinar will include a demonstration of how to use both Excel and Power BI together to analyze data and create powerful visualizations. With the recent release of an Excel Add-In for Power BI, it is easier than ever to use these two software packages in tandem!
Quality Data Leads to Quality Conclusions Making decisions based on data is at the heart of Lean Six Sigma and statistical analysis. But before we can learn about our process from the data, we need to understand how much our measurement system impacts our data. In this 90-minute online session, we take a deep dive into measurement system analysis (MSA), exploring tools to assess your measurement system, measurement accuracy and precision, and the quality of the data.
The Innovation Strategy Assessment Success begins with the creation of a good strategy, but how do you know you have a good one? The innovation strategy assessment has been designed to help you assess the effectiveness of your strategy, including current value proposition, business model and innovation growth strategy portfolio. In this webinar, Senior Client Partner Dimitri Markoulides describes how the Innovation Strategy Assessment Tool can position your company to identify big shifts required in your thinking to move your strategy forward.
Data Analytics & DataMaster Certification The ability to gain insight and make decisions with data is the most important competitive advantage a company can have. In this webinar, CEO David Silverstein outlines the DataMaster course and the tools used, techniques learned and talent developed. Explore the tools, techniques and talent of DataMasters and how they can add value to your organization.
How to Incorporate Innovation Tools With Kaizen Events This webinar will challenge your thinking about how to approach Lean Kaizen events and show how innovation tools can be applied to increase divergent and convergent thinking. Through a case study example, you will learn simple techniques you can use to integrate innovation tools into the Kaizen process.
Effective Project Selection & Prioritization: Find the Right “Dots” For Your Business Watch this webinar to understand how to more effectively select and prioritize projects that bring maximum value to the business. This webinar focuses on the importance of collecting “dots” prior to the project selection process and the approaches to find projects that have a pull from the business.
Make Your Visuals Powerful and Effective This webinar will guide you through how to make your visuals more powerful and effective. You will uncover simple, practical and effective visual tips and techniques to use in your very next meeting or training event.
The Basics of KAI Everyone is creative, but people leverage that creativity in different ways to solve problems. This short webinar provides an overview of the Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory, or KAI, and how individual problem solving styles can be understood and leveraged.
Insourcing Capability for Long-Lasting Success When employees are involved in strategy and solutions, they're far more likely to continue implementing improvements long after a consultant is gone. That's why BMGI believes in "insourcing capability." In this video, Managing Director Lynda Williams talks about the importance of insourcing capability on long-lasting success.
BMGI's Operational Strategy Approach Lynda Williams, Managing Director of Asia Pacific, explains the winning combination of BMGI's Operational Strategy Model: Strategy Creation, Strategic Planning and Strategy Execution. This proven approach results in a solid strategy, a way to translate that strategy into actionable steps, and alignment across the entire organization.
Structured Innovation: Why Innovation Requires a Degree of Structure Many people believe that innovation is blue-sky radical thinking. The truth of the matter is that innovation is a process - but it can be a very inefficient process if not structured. This webinar is about how structured innovation assists in building a strong pipeline of good quality ideas and concepts that you can pilot for your business.
Seven Skills to Unlock Your Innovation Potential — #7 Beware of Idea Killers When we have a great idea, we expect everyone else to be as excited as we are. But that's, unfortunately, often not the case. As Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Phil Samuel tells you in this short video: be persistent—you've done your research, you've vetted your solutions—don't let the idea killers stop you.
Seven Skills to Unlock Your Innovation Potential — #6 Imagine the "Impossible" When faced with an innovation challenge, how many times have you heard—or said—that the problem is impossible to solve? In this short video, Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Phil Samuel shares a quick story of how much we can achieve when we challenge the status quo.
Seven Skills to Unlock Your Innovation Potential — #5 Look Beyond Your Industry for Ideas We often look for ideas within our industry, but many breakthrough ideas exist outside of our industry—and even in nature. Find out from Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Phil Samuel how a Japanese train company was able to redesign its train with a little help from the kingfisher.
Seven Skills to Unlock Your Innovation Potential — #4 Become a Contrarian What can happen when we question the unexamined beliefs and assumptions in our industry? In this short video, Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Phil Samuel shares the inspiring story of a 15-year-old who challenged the status quo and helped develop a far better way to detect pancreatic cancer.
Seven Skills to Unlock Your Innovation Potential — #3 Go Beyond the Job To Be Done The concept of the Job To Be Done revolutionized the field of innovation. But is that enough? In this short video, Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Phil Samuel challenges us to go beyond this concept and ask: How will you transform the life of your customer?
Seven Skills to Unlock Your Innovation Potential — #2 Think Beyond Product Innovation When we think about innovations, we typically focus on product and technology innovations. But there's a whole other world of possibilities. Through an example in the rental car industry, Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Phil Samuel gives a quick overview of how you can create differentiation by innovating in other areas. .
Seven Skills to Unlock Your Innovation Potential — #1 Develop Deep Empathy for Customers Sure we're all thinking of our customers, but are we truly being empathetic? In this short video, Chief Innovation Officer Dr. Phil Samuel shares how GE redesigned an MRI machine to look like a pirate ship and transformed the life of their customers—in this case, the children who would have been sedated. .
Aligning Your Operating Model and Breakthrough Objectives In order to create differentiation and profitability for your business, you have to create a shared understanding of how your organization operates, what activities you will focus on, and what activities you won’t focus on. In this short webinar, you will learn the importance of aligning your operating model and breakthrough objectives to achieve strategic growth.