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Strategic Planning With Hoshin Kanri

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Real-Life Strategic Planning and Execution!

Connect your strategy creation with your execution by focusing on the bridge between the two—strategic planning. The Lean Methods Group’s Strategic Planning Video Series guides you on a journey of a proven seven-step process for strategic planning that involves your entire organization in achieving breakthrough objectives.

Join veteran performance excellence and strategy leader Wes Waldo in this four-hour journey and learn how you can achieve a sustained competitive advantage in quality, delivery, cost and innovation. With over 20 years of quality, operations management and performance excellence experience, William “Wes” Waldo enjoys facilitating and coaching senior leaders on how to align their strategy and teams for ultimate success.

Questions about Hoshin Planning addressed in this video series…

What is Hoshin Planning?
Gain a method for linking your major strategy objectives with the resources and actions needed to execute them.
How does Hoshin work with my existing processes?
Find out how Hoshin complements other strategic planning tools, such as the Balanced Scorecard, and performance excellence programs.
How does the X-matrix work?
Learn how to develop objectives and cascade priorities throughout your organization so everyone is involved in reaching your breakthrough objectives.
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