Training Courses

Five days. Innovation and design tools are needed because they get us beyond our own minds and limitations. But then we need other tools to reel us in when it’s time to turn ideas into profitable products or services. This five-day course will give you all the tools you need along the entire innovation pathway.

Five days. TRIZ is a powerful set of tools, algorithms and methods for solving innovation dilemmas, difficult R&D problems and other stubborn performance issues. Take this course if you want to journey beyond the obvious and discover how you can always know what you don’t know—and achieve what you otherwise couldn’t achieve.

Five days. Design for Lean Six Sigma, also known as Design for Six Sigma, comes into play when you want to develop new products and processes—or improve existing ones to an extent that requires their redesign. This course gives you everything you need to vaccinate your new designs against waste, defects and errors.