Training Courses

Three hours. Innovation is critical to long-term success. Learn how to achieve a higher success rate in your organization with systematic innovation methods and tools.

10.5 hours. This online course provides in-depth introductory training of key Lean principles and techniques, including value-added and non-value added process steps, eight types of waste, 5S, and value stream mapping.

Eight hours. Introduce your organization to Hoshin Kanri, a proven seven-step process for strategic planning that involves your entire company in achieving breakthrough objectives.

90 minutes. This online training session in partnership with IndustryWeek will cover a proven roadmap for aligning, designing and growing your organization.

14 hours. Constant change and improvement is the job of all, not just the few—so the more people you can train in Lean Six Sigma the better. Take this course if you need to support process improvement projects in your organization and sustain performance gains.

14 hours. Strategically critical performance improvement initiatives require the energy, commitment and ongoing involvement of key business leaders, or champions. If you've been designated to lead a change initiative in your organization, this course enables you to plan, drive, facilitate and sustain the initiative over time.

87 hours. This course of study and application is a must-have for those who want to lead teams and improve processes in their immediate work areas via the disciplined roadmap of DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control).

108 hours. If you’re a Green Belt looking to improve your process-analysis, problem-solving and leadership abilities—and become a Black Belt—you can quickly gain the knowledge, tools, skills and experience you need with this course.

180 hours. This rigorous course gives students all the tools and skills they need to become expert process analysts and problem solvers within the disciplined structure of DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control). If you need to solve challenging performance problems, this course is for you.

90 minutes. The era of sampling and basic industrial statistics is giving way to the era of big data. But don't get intimated by the word "big." It's not nearly as daunting as it seems.