Certified Hoshin Planning Facilitator

Bridge strategy creation and execution with Hoshin Planning

Certification Requirements

  • Complete coursework.
  • Pass all exams.
  • Facilitate at least two Annual Planning sessions and six monthly reviews at your company.

About Certified Hoshin Planning Facilitator

Strategic Planning is increasingly a core competency for any business or operational leader, but often is an under-developed discipline in many organizations. Lean Methods Group certifications are designed to build core strategic planning and facilitation skills enabling those working in a strategic planning or strategy execution role. Learning how to apply the tools as well as the theory, the certification courses teach a highly disciplined and structured approach to strategic planning.

Students taking the Level 1 Strategic Planning Certification learn how to facilitate effective Hoshin Planning in their organization. Modules cover the Hoshin Planning Process, how to use its tools for strategic planning, design of metrics, managing strategy execution, and facilitation guides for how to use Hoshin Planning with strategy teams. Certified students will graduate with the skills of Hoshin Planning as well as the ability to manage the Hoshin Planning process to deliver results through monthly and annual reviews.

During the course participants will also learn how to use the I-nexus strategy planning software to map and manage their Hoshin Plans. Following the course participants will use the technology to capture 2 Hoshin Planning sessions and their 6 months reviews for assessment. Both Lean Methods Group support on the Hoshin process and I-nexus technical support will be available for students as required.

Learning Objectives

After completing this course participants will:

  • Understand how to use the Hoshin Planning Framework for structured strategy planning and execution
  • Understand how to translate strategy into an X-matrix
  • Be able to effectively facilitate Hoshin Planning session with business teams across the organization
  • Know how to manage monthly and annual reviews on Hoshin Plans


What is the price of this training and education?





Onsite group classes available. Please contact us for more details.

What is the length?

5 consecutive days, 36 hours of instruction

Who is this training and education appropriate for?

Anyone leading Hoshin Planning in an organization
Business leaders look to plan strategy at either corporate or operational level
What other materials are provided?
  • 6 months access to I-nexus Strategy Execution Software
  • Access to the online Strategic Planning via Hoshin Kanri course (pre-reading)


View the Complete Agenda

Day One

  • Introductions with statement of the current state of strategic planning
  • Opening Simulation

Day Two

  • The role of strategy in strategic planning
  • The essence of Hoshin Planning
    • Clarity
    • Stretching the Organization
    • Creating Problems to Be Solved
    • Staying on Top of Things Throughout the Year
    • Linkages
  • Vision
  • Breakthrough Objectives
  • The Hoshin Planning Process
  • Your X-matrix
  • Prioritizing: Deciding What NOT To do
  • Conducting Monthly Reviews
  • Updating Your Annual Plan

Day Three

  • Strategy Execution
    • Bowling Charts & Action Plans
    • Project Tracking
    • Technology to Support Strategy Execution
  • Daily Management
    • Introduction to Daily Management Tools
    • A3s

Day Four

  • Facilitation Skills for Strategic Planners

Day Five

  • Metrics
    • Design of Metrics
    • Balanced Metrics
    • Cascading Metrics
    • Metrics Tracking



Given my previous years of experience, I came into the meeting feeling I had a solid footing on the tools and implementation methods of Hoshin Kanri. I found those assumptions challenged and myself humbled within the first two days, where we delved into much of the why of Strategic Thinking and Planning and how the process of Hoshin Kanri organically provides a viable methodology to identify, grow, and sustain progress.

Kristin Garau, Director of Continuous Improvement, Global Metals
Lydall Thermal/Acoustical
Lydall Gerhardi GmbH & Co KG

What I liked most was the way the training structured Strategy Planning & Execution into an end-to-end process rather than only tool-focused discussions. Lean Methods Group made a great effort to create a logical flow, starting from how to evaluate an existing strategy, ending with how to use Lean Management in day-to-day operations to ensure execution and sustainability of the strategy.

The trainer, not only explained how the process flows and tools work, but also heavily emphasized the philosophy of Strategy Execution which should be in the hearts of all professionals working in this field. I strongly recommend this training to professionals who are working in the area of Strategy Planning & Execution.

Kubilay Balci, Founder
Lean-SixSigma.org Strategy Execution