Change Leadership

There's more to change than meets the eye

Certification Requirements

About Change Leadership

Advancing a business requires significant change. Many corporate leaders, while well-versed in the more technical skills of implementing a new initiative, aren’t as well-versed in the psychology of change and the process to lead and sustain it.

This five-day Change Leadership course helps you become a stronger and more capable change leader—providing all the knowledge, tools, skills and coaching you need to lead change in your organization.

Most think change is about issuing directives and clearly communicating with stakeholders—but it requires far more. Leading successful and sustainable change requires knowing what you want to accomplish and setting the stage for the change desired. It requires having a detailed plan. You have to know how to overcome the inevitable resistance, effectively manage conflict, and allow people to find a connection to the change and want to commit. And you have to gain insight about yourself so you can become more effective in your communication and interactions with others.

This course focuses on the specific actions and behaviors you’ll need to perform as you lead or participate in change initiatives in your company. The change model you’ll master was derived from the proven work of such experts as John Kotter, Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann.

Through a workshop environment, you participate in powerful games, exercises, evaluations, practice sessions, meaningful interactions, and a patented and very effective computer simulation called Change Pro®

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Lead and implement change efforts at multiple levels within their organization.
  • Recognize and implement the key elements that make change sustainable.
  • Develop and implement a change strategy and plan.
  • Develop a vision and unify people behind it.
  • Analyze the position of key stakeholders and the keys to influencing them in the right direction.
  • Identify and avoid the top eight mistakes of change.
  • Identify resistance and create strategies to overcome it.
  • Identify and manage conflict for positive results.


What is the price of this training and education?





What is the length?

5 consecutive days, 36 hours of instruction

How many CEUs are available?


Who is this training and education appropriate for?

Anyone leading change in an organization
Candidates in the Lean Methods Group's Lean Master and Master Black Belt development programs.
Black Belts and Green Belts who want to develop their leadership abilities

What other materials are included?

Are there any prerequisites?

  • Completion of a DiSC profile
  • Assigned reading
What is the Change Pro® simulation?

The Change Pro® simulation is an exercise in which participants must convince the top 24 managers of a global organization to adopt the latest corporate initiative by applying the skills of change leadership and the implementation of specific change management tactics. Learn more about the simulation in this short article.

How is the Change Pro® simulation used in this course?

Participants first engage in the simulation to test their existing skills in change leadership. Through this first simulation run we are reminded of what we know, possibly don’t know, and where we should focus our learnings. Later, applying what has been learned during the week, we run the simulation a second time. This is the profound moment when participants realize that successful change is far more than rote application of concepts, tactics and tools. It’s a natural progression people go through—a sequence that is strategically planned before it is tactically implemented.

Does the Lean Methods Group provide change leadership consulting and coaching?

Yes, in addition to our change leadership course, we also provide on-site consulting, training and coaching, as well as remote coaching. We can help you and your team members grow and develop your change capability, no matter your starting point. We support organizations through a proven change process so your people understand what’s changing, why it’s changing, and what’s in it for them.

Does this course count as one of the electives for the Master Black Belt and Lean Master programs?

Yes, Change Leadership is an elective for both Master Black Belt and Lean Master.


View the Complete Agenda

Change Begins with Change Leaders
  • Key elements of leadership
  • The four social styles
  • How to maximize style strengths and minimize social-style weaknesses
  • How to accurately assess and adapt to another’s social style
  • How to increase the effectiveness of team interactions to avoid vicious cycle behaviors
Change Assessment
  • How to assess the change initiative Factors that determine change complexity
  • Key system factors that enable change
  • Eight mistakes of transformational change
Sharing the Vision
  • Understanding the need for a vision
  • How to create a vision
  • How to deliver a vision
Inspiring a Burning Platform
  • Identifying a burning platform
  • What motivates people
Gaining Buy-in
  • Understanding that change is a process
  • Understanding the change curve
  • Understanding and adapting to conflict modes
  • Recognizing resistance and developing strategies to overcome it
  • Force Field Analysis of resistance
Institutionalizing the New Process and Leveraging Communication
  • Changing systems and structures
  • Building a change strategy and plan
  • Developing an action plan for the change initiative
  • Understanding what prevents change from sticking



This change course was excellent. It gave my team the essential tools they need to manage change.

Alan Hockey - Deployment Leader, Sovereign Health