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About Our Courses

Based on the work of leading adult-learning theorists, and on the need for you to remember and apply what you learn, all of our courses are experiential. This means you won’t be passively sitting in a classroom; you’ll be actively interacting with instructors and peers, experiencing live simulations, engaging in hands-on individual and group exercises—and applying what you learn back at your home organization.


DataMaster Part 1

Data is the raw material of our time, and it's vastly underutilized. Through DataMaster, you learn how to derive insights from your data to deliver value in ways you've never thought of before.

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DataMaster Part 2

DataMaster Part 2 offers a certification option for those students looking to dive deeper into more advanced data analytics tools, including R programming.

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Data Analytics for Managers

In the age of big data, "as-a-service" business models, and the Internet of Things, it's vital that managers understand what to expect from — and what to ask of — their data science teams.

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