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Certification Requirements

About DataMaster

data analytics WEBINAR: Data Analytics & DataMaster

Data is the raw material of our time, and it’s vastly underutilized. Through DataMaster, you learn how to derive insights from your data to deliver value in ways you’ve never thought of before.

There are many who know how to access data, even when buried deep in a data warehouse. What’s proving a significant challenge is teasing the value out of that data—and it’s a familiar story: big IT investment followed by “What now?”

The two-week DataMaster program is designed to rapidly develop the analysts you need.

Through the application of an analytic methodology, DataMasters learn how to use familiar tools such as Microsoft Excel (and its powerful Solver and Analysis ToolPak add-ins) to obtain, scrub, explore, model and interpret your data. The DataMaster program will also add new tools to your toolbox, such as Microsoft Power BI, RapAnalyst and R. 

With this toolset and training, DataMasters gain the skills required to optimize and analyze data, build predictive models and create powerful visualizations that lead to valuable insight and better business decisions. 

Questions about the course or want to learn more? Contact our Data Analytics team.

Learning Objectives

After completing the DataMaster program, you will be able to:

  • Obtain & process disparate sources of data into a format suitable for your analysis work
  • Understand and apply techniques to clean data for effective modeling
  • Analyze, explore and model your data.
  • Recognize where key data might be missing and use creative means to find or generate the data that is needed.
  • Uncover valuable insight from data using statistical methods and machine learning algorithms.
  • Communicate data-based findings in visually compelling ways.

DataMasters work on projects that:

  • Draw on data available from varied internal, external and cross-domain sources.
  • Address difficult problems that have not been solved with conventional tools and wisdom.
  • Take complex information and make it easy to understand and communicate.
  • May not have a clearly defined outcome by approaching it with an exploration oriented mindset.

Examples of the projects DataMasters lead:

  • Optimizing pricing models to significantly improve margin.
  • Balancing marketing spend to increase the response to targeted marketing while minimizing the cost associated with wasteful marketing.
  • Discovering new customers for existing products and services.
  • Optimizing costly supply chain decisions.
  • Analyzing large bodies of data using automated tools for information discovery.
  • Quantitatively determining which ongoing projects and activities should no longer be undertaken to optimize the alignment of resources to the strategic objectives of an organization.


What is the price of this training and education?





What is the length?

10 days of coursework (two one-week blocks)

How many CEUs are available?

Does this course count as one of the electives for the Master Black Belt?

DataMaster is an elective course for the Master Black Belt program.

What analytical methodology and tools does the DataMaster course use?

Among other data analysis techniques, we teach the popular OSEMN methodology:

  • Obtain [your data]
  • Scrub [your data]
  • Explore [your data]
  • Model [your data]
  • INterpret [your results]

Tools you will use include:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • RapAnalyst
  • R programming language

How do I know if DataMaster training is right for me?

Visit our article, "DataMaster: Data Analytics Skills for Today’s Business," for more information and FAQs.


View the Complete Agenda

Over the course of two weeks, you will study the following topics:


OSEMN Methodology

Agenda - Week 1

  • Analytics introduction
  • The business analytics hypothesis
  • Analytical methodologies
  • Statistics Review
  • Case Study Introduction
  • Obtain & Scrub your data
  • Exploratory data analysis
  • Linear Regression
  • Clustering
  • Probabilistic Classification
  • Association Rules

Agenda - Week 2

  • Homework & case study review
  • Timeseries modelling 
  • Multiple & Logistic Regression
  • Parameter Optimization
  • Communicating Data
  • Introduction to R
  • Review of the Data Science Landscape
  • Scenario Analysis for Analytics Results
  • Big Data!
  • Case Study Work

Both weeks of DataMaster follow a guided introduction process along with the completion of an analytics case study.



Excel Solver: Find optimal solutions with Solver

Microsoft Excel includes an optimization tool called Solver. This free tool enables the DataMaster to find optimal solutions for many business problems. Working through a methodical approach, DataMasters will determine the decision to be made, the constraints on that decision and the overall measure of performance. They will return to their employer able to analyze data to maximize profits, minimize overtime, optimize schedules and address other business issues. (Images of Solver, Analysis ToolPak and Power BI used with permission from Microsoft.)

Excel Analysis ToolPak: Perform complex statistical analysis

The Analysis ToolPak is a free add-in program that adds extra financial, statistical and engineering functions to Excel spreadsheets. The Analysis ToolPak in Excel provides the DataMaster with tools to perform ANOVA, correlation analysis, regression, t-tests and much more. DataMaster students will work with a case study using various tools to deep dive into the data to better understand relationships and data modeling techniques.

Power BI: See your company’s data in new ways with Power BI

Microsoft’s Power BI is a free cloud-based business analytics service. Microsoft’s leading analytics tool allows you to ask a question and generate a visualization for better and deeper understanding. It is incredibly powerful and easy to use and many find it an impressive alternative to the much more expensive options. The DataMaster student will use Power BI to quickly analyze data and create dashboards and other stunning visualizations to bring data to life.

RapAnalyst: Visually interpret multi-dimensional relationships in seconds

RapAnalyst is a desktop tool that transforms complex high-dimensional data into easy-to- explore two-dimensional representations. It is the product of years of intensive academic and corporate research and experimentation in pursuit of ease of use and visual interpretation. Valuable in its own right, RapAnalyst is also a good accompaniment to any data analytics platform. The tool provides visuals that are user-friendly and easily manipulated for deeper analysis. DataMaster students will receive a one-year license to RapAnalyst.

R: Build powerful statistical models with R

The R programming language is widely used among statisticians and data analysts. R is a flexible, powerful language that is free and open-sourced and operates exactly the way problems are thought out. This makes it easy to learn and understand and the open-source platform makes it easy to find help when needed. DataMasters will be exposed to the language, commonly used code and ability for data mining and analysis.


The DataMaster class was an excellent introduction to the world of Data Science. As a Master Black Belt working on different projects across the organization, DataMaster is exactly the training I needed to bridge those two specialties: how to apply my statistical knowledge to a real business problem. I would definitely recommend this class to fellow learners.

Regina Barcena, Quality Engineering Manager
Supply Chain Learning Academy and Six Sigma
Quality and Regulatory Compliance

The Hershey Company

This class put me outside of my comfort zone, but I'm so glad I did it! The course material built upon my Black Belt skills, and gave me insight into tools that I didn't know existed.

Angie Selle, Vice President, Process Improvement Consultant Sr
Lending Transformation - Process Improvement
PNC Financial Services Group

The data tools presented in the DataMaster course were extremely valuable. Already being a Certified Black Belt, the Lean Data Analytics used with OSEMN gave me a greater ability not only to model a solution, but to develop a better understanding of the visualization of that model. I look forward to using the techniques from DataMaster to improve my company's Business Intelligence.

John Zenkavich, PEX Leader
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Gentex Corporation