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About Train-the-Trainer

There’s more to teaching than knowing your topic. You have to know your students and how they learn. You have to understand group dynamics and manage interactions. You have to prepare your material and visual aids, and you have to deliver your sessions in a way that creates profound experiences.

Train-the-Trainer is an intensive skill-building experience that teaches participants how to become better instructors, presenters, meeting leaders, mentors and coaches. You learn the practices, behaviors and tools you need to improve audience participation, buy-in, comprehension, retention and application.

Specifically, this course teaches you how to plan and organize materials, including openers and closers, curriculum “shaping” methods and visual aids. You’ll be exposed to a variety of experiential learning principles that you can use to increase your teaching effectiveness. And you’ll delve into the specifics of the adult learning cycle and different learning styles.

A differentiating aspect of this course is its dedication to developing and practicing your own voice, or delivery style. Participants practice delivery three times, including a short impromptu training to establish a baseline style and two longer, planned trainings that allow application of the knowledge and techniques learned. Through reviewing videotaped portions, the group will assess delivery style and go over feedback to refine your abilities.

Delivered in a safe, fun and supportive environment, this course emphasizes practice, application and demonstrated competency. You learn by doing, which is exactly how you will teach after this class!

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the adult learning cycle.
  • Identify and teach to the four learning styles and seven types of “smarts.”
  • Apply experiential learning principles to make facilitating/training more engaging and effective.
  • Compare hierarchical (lecture), co-operative (activities) and autonomous (reflection) training modes.
  • Identify behaviors that contribute to confident presentations/facilitations.
  • Set the scene for learning using powerful openers and closers.
  • Apply curriculum “shaping” methods to improve participation and comprehension.
  • Effectively deal with difficult audience/team members.
  • Develop effective visual aids.
  • Plan and organize training materials so sessions flow seamlessly from start to finish and knowledge retention is maximized.


What is the price of this training and education?





What is the length?

5 consecutive days, 36 hours of instruction

How many CEUs are available?


Who is this training and education appropriate for?

Individuals who train, give group presentations, or lead change in an organization.
Performance excellence leaders, Lean Master candidates, Master Black Belts candidates.

Are there any prerequisites?

  • Pre-course reading
  • Pre-course questionnaire
Does this course count as one of the electives for the Master Black Belt and Lean Master programs?

Yes, Train-the-Trainer is an elective for both Master Black Belt and Lean Master.


View the Complete Agenda

Day One
  • Introductions
  • Impromptu Training/Feedback
  • Identifying Adult Learning Principles
  • Closer
Day Two
  • Opener
  • Dealing with Difficult Behavior
  • Facilitation Interventions
  • Facilitation Kit
  • Developing a Training Roadmap
  • Closer
Day Three
  • Opener
  • Setting the Scene for Learning
  • 10-Minute Training Practices
  • Developing High Impact Training
  • Closer
Day Four
  • Opener
  • Developing Visual Aids
  • 20-Minute Training Practices
  • Assessment and Feedback
  • Closer
Day Five
  • Opener
  • Planning and Preparing Training
  • Encouraging Transfer of Learning
  • Setting an Action Plan
  • Consolidation
  • Closer




Definitely the best practically applicable course I have ever attended.

Tjaart Booyens - Deployment Leader, ArcelorMittal SA